Discover How to Be Fit, Get the Best Shape & A Healthier Body Naturally

Jumpstart weight management, keep lost weight off for good, and  meet a healthier version of you 

  • Are you concerned on your unhealthy weight ? 
  • Have tried to lose weight but found it difficult? 
  • Feeling fatigue and no energy most of the time? 
  • Have tried many weight loss "solutions" but did not achieve  good results? 
  • Feeling frustrated having been on weight loss programmes for long time but only managed to lose a little and then regained it? 
  • Have been experiencing difficulties in finding proper clothes, transportation and seating arrangement in public place due to the enormous  body weight and shape?
  • Encountered a lot of challenges and embarrassing problems due to the constricted degree of movement particularly in carrying out routine chores or favourite activities like dancing, shopping  or travelling?

* Do you know people who carry more weight around their mid torso than their hips may be at a higher risk of developing certain health conditions?

* Do you  know being overweight or obese can put you on the   fast track to various  health challenges like cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, accelerated aging, depression, stroke, body pain, leg weakness and many more? 

* Do you know if once obesity gets slugged with these health complications, it is even more difficult to shed the extra body weight?

* Do you know 454 grams of fats contain 3,500 calories, so to lose 454 grams a week, you need a deficit of at least 500 grams a day? Just 1.5 plain digestive biscuits contain approximately 100 calories.  

What if ...........

* there's an effective 100% natural solution that can help you not only reduce your body weight but also reshape your body?

* this solution not only manages your weight with long term success but most importantly it helps to improve your overall health such as improvements in blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and blood sugar, more energetic, better mobility, younger skin appearance, and many more and can be done at the comfort of your home?

* a ready community for you to be engaged and be active during the weight loss journey with beneficial sharing, exchange of ideas and tips?

* we provide you with the coaching support to manage your BodyFit activities and keep you on track throughout the weight management journey?

Why Choose Our BodyFit Programmes:

An effective 100% natural solution that can help you not only reduce your body weight but also reshape your body. 

BodyFit programme not only manages your weight with long term success but most importantly, it helps to improve overall health such as improvements in blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and blood sugar level, more energetic, better mobility, younger skin appearance and many more.

A ready community for you to be engaged and be active during the BodyFit journey with beneficial sharing, motivation, exchange of ideas and tips.

Coaching support to manage your BodyFit activities and keep you on track throughout the journey with inspired full body workout wellness and nutrition plan.

Easy, fun, and engaging physical exercise that is suitable for all ages which can be done anytime, anywhere. 

Welcome to Bioniva BodyFit Buddies Community

Here's why our Buddies love BodyFit

Benefit Highlight # 1

* 100% natural, no side-effect

* High quality & efficacy

* No crash diets

* No medication

Another Benefit Here

* Well-tested programmes with                     profound success

* Customised exercises to fit                          individual's fitness 

* Flexible, easy to follow regime

* Holistic wellness approach

Benefit Highlight # 3

* Highly engaged community

* On-going coaching & team support 

What BodyFit Buddies Say ..........

SK Ong // Entrepreneur

Perth, Australia

 LiNah Ng //Banker

Selangor, Malaysia...

LB Wan   //  Housewife

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I have been trying to lose weight and reduce my body size especially by tummy area for long time but have never managed to reach my desired goal.

On 27 of April, I joined Bioniva BodyFit Fitness & Wellness programme together with my friend. The first week I went on a 14-day detox together with light cardio exercises, diet and eating habit modifications. Every week the coach gave us different set of customised exercise based on our body condition. The coaches were very supportive.

The best part of this programme was they did not restrict us from eating what we want.  All we need to do was to make up for it with workouts. I am a high blood pressure patient, have been on medications for years. However, during this programme, amazingly my high blood level has dropped and was under controlled without medication. On top of that, only 4 weeks my weight dropped 3 kg and tummy has reduced by more than 10 cm. I felt much lighter and more energetic. I can see my toes now! 

I recommend you join this programme to feel the fantastic results yourself.

Florence K //

Business Owner

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I joined this Bioniva BodyFit program with the encouragement from a group of friends who really need to lose weight because of health. 

I don't really have serious overweight issue but I do have some discomfort & pain on my knees. Currently my weight about 62.5kg & my highest was 65kg back in 2018. 

During the first few days of the programme, though it was tough to move my lazy body, but with the constant motivation & support I got from the coaches & community, subsequently, the moves got faster & easier.  I was more agile than before.

My initial goal was to lose 2-3 kgs & have a better BMI but the programme delivered more than my expectation. 

From the body measurements & assessments, my body age reduced by 12 years & most of my pain and aches from the joints & muscles had either reduced or completely gone. They have made this fitness routine fun and interesting. Most importantly, it has also helped me got back my shape before childbirth.

I would strongly recommend this programme to those who're looking to be the best version of themselves and getting rid of their aches and pain naturally.

Introducing Bioniva BodyFit Programme

This is an inspired full-body workout and nutrition programme that effectively helps the body to detox all the toxins naturally, lose body fats and build muscles, improve endurance and to avoid weight plateaus.

Bioniva BodyFit programme is designed based on 14-day cycle.  It is a fun, enjoyable, easy to follow and fulfilling holistic programme.   You will discover it is not difficult to get the result you want as not only you shed pounds but you will start to love your new body shape and appreciate your health. 

Bioniva BodyFit programme is designed to walk complete beginners through every step of the way to create highly successful, sustainable results.  Not only does Bioniva BodyFit programme provides participants with a profound experience through our pioneering well-being products and strategies, but also positive lifestyle changes for better quality of life.  Bioniva BodyFit programme is a programme of Love, Care and Noble Intention.

Sign up Now and start transforming your body in  less than 30 minutes 

a day!

Here's What You'll Get from Bioniva BodyFit Programme 

            Full supply of a  combination of 3 multi- functional natural dietary supplements:

  1. Antioxidant beverage mix helps to protect cells from free radicals' damage, reduce abdominal fats, relieve constipation, protect neurological & cardiovascular system & provide resistance to oxidation
  2. Multigrain Energy Meal contains 20 pure and natural ingredients with high nutritional value that balances the body organs & systems based on the 5-element of Traditional Chinese Medicine - Fire, Earth, Metal, Water & Wood. It helps to ease high blood pressure, high blood glucose, high cholesterol, balance the five-Zang organs, moisten lungs, invigorate kidneys, soothe the liver, nourish heart & tonify spleen.
  3. 100% natural Black Cumin Seed Oil with pharmacological properties like anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, & many more that is found to provide various health benefits to the heart, gastro, hepatic, neuro, metabolic, mental, etc.

2 sessions of HRV wellness screening where you can view your detailed readouts of : 

  • Autonomic nervous system
  • Stress/tension index
  • Energy level
  • Psycho-emotional
  • Hormonal system
  • Meridian system
  • 24-hour circadian rhythm
  • Personal Wellness Coaching on diet & nutrition education, behaviour modification, stress management & fitness plan to success        
  • Customised, easy-to-follow, effective, fun, & fulfilling exercises based individual's body condition and fitness                                               
  • Automatic FREE Casual Buddies membership  upon joining Bioniva BodyFit programme
  • All-year-round promotions & privileges for members - Value for money products & services
  • Earn special rewards on referral programme
  • Earn Bioniva Loyalty Reward Points for all purchases made from Bioniva Centre or Econiva2U Well-being Shoppe
  • Special rebates for Bioniva Buddies
  • BodyFit pack delivered directly to your doorstep

Recap: Everything You Are Getting In This

Bioniva BodyFit Programme

  • Complete supply 3 types of multi-functional natural dietary supplements for 14-Day programme of (RM 1527 value)
  • 2 Personal Heart Rate Variability Wellness screening (RM 360 value)
  • Personal Wellness Coaching (Online) for 14 days that include diet & nutrition education, behaviour modification, stress management & fitness plan (RM 1473 value) 
  • Free Casual Buddies membership (RM 240 value)

Total Value: RM 3600

  • If all these did were to help you lose some pounds and regain your shape .. will that be worth it?
  • If all these did were to help you build a healthier version of you ... will that be worth it?
  • If all these did were to help you improve your quality of life and can be done easily at the comfort of your home ... will that be worth it? 

* Do you know that Malaysia is the "fattest" country in Asia with nearly half of Malaysian adult population is now overweight or obese?  Do you want to be or continue to be in this group of population?

* Do you agree that no one can resist the temptation of having or getting anything extra, which is true for everything, except for body weight? 

* Do you know that just by losing a mere 10% of your present body weight can greatly reduce the danger of multiple health  challenges?

* Do you agree that having excessive body weight  brings only complications, with no positive advantages but a lot of physical and social challenges?

What does it cause you not to fix your mind today?

Typical Commit to Get Fit Results:

  • Average weight loss 1-3 kg
  • Average body size reduction 1-5 cm
  • Increase in energy level
  • Decrease in body fat percentage
  • Improvements in joint pain
  • Improvement of Body Mass Index
  • Drop in blood pressure, blood glucose & cholesterol level
  • Improvements in heart rate, muscle strength & flexibility
  • Here's What We've Prepared Just For You...

    Bioniva's business ethics are in fact known to most clients, only provides, shares, and recommends products, treatments and/or programmes that are effective, natural, non-invasive and beneficial to all.  With our utmost noble intention to help more people to shed some pounds and  achieve a healthier body, we've designed this special Bioniva BodyFit Programme just for you.  

    So it's not going to be RM3,600  

    Its' not RM 2, 600 

    But RM 1, 288  only. 

    (A great savings of RM 2312) 

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